BALTECH Scholarship for students and staff

Short-term mobility scholarships for Bachelor, Master, PhD students and staff of BALTECH Universities

Scholarship is founded to create more possibilities for students mobility within BALTECH and NORDTEK universities.

The BALTECH scholarship covers cover expenses for travel costs, accommodation and other expenses (for example conference) from 1 till 14 days. Applicants can also ask for daily amount for expenses, which are set to 29 EUR for Baltic countries per day (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). For other countries please contact BALTECH Executive office. The scholarship is meant for studies, teaching, research projects, collaboration opportunities, conferences and other events at universities or other institutions.

You can apply if you are a student or a staff member of any BALTECH member university within any study field offered by the university.

Scholarship are announced four times a year over the BALTECH web-page and through the responsible offices of the BALTECH member universities.
Deadline: December 15  ->Mobility period: January – March

Deadline: March 15  ->Mobility period: April – June

Deadline: June 15 ->Mobility period: July- September

Deadline: September 15  ->Mobility period: October – December

You can also use your application for other mobility periods, for example, applying in the period until March 15th for a conference planned in November.

The application form with all the requested and additional documents (see the General information) shall be filled until the deadline, including the deadline day. Information about confirmation or denial of the grant for the mobility will be sent out to the e-mail mentioned in the application form within 5 working days after the deadline.

For any additional questions, please, contact BALTECH Executive office.